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The Centre for Sports Medicine and Human Performance

The CSMHP focuses on integrative aspects of human physiology, biomechanics and sport and exercise psychology.

Researchers in the Centre seek to further an understanding of the regulation and adaptation of the cardiovascular, respiratory and neuromuscular systems to exercise and training, as well as the physiological, biomechanical and psychological limitations to human sport performance and exercise tolerance.

The Centre also offers a range of sport science assessment services, including maximal oxygen uptake and lactate threshold testing. A full range of respiratory assessments is also available, including screening for exercise-induced asthma.



Extensive Research shows that POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training helps to improve performance & endurance by using resistance training to exercise and strengthen the muscles we use to breathe.

POWERbreathe is fast becoming the must have training, warm-up & cool down partner for World Class Athletes including: Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, Rowers, Triathletes, Canoeists, Mountaineers, Boxing & Martial Arts, as well as in top level Team Sports including: Rugby, Football, Basketball, Field & Ice Hockey in over 40 countries worldwide - already.

POWERbreathe training is scientifically proven & is increasingly being talked about by leading Sports & Fitness coaches as "the most effective 5 minutes of training that an athlete or fitness enthusiast can do".


Physio Breathe

"The science of better breathing"
Also brought to you by Prof Alison McConnell, Physiobreathe provides evidence-based guidance on the "theory and practice" of respiratory muscle training in the clinical setting. In particular, it provides guidance on how to apply "functional" training techniques to the respiratory muscles of patients with a wide range of conditions. Evidence-based benefits for patients include, improvements in dyspnoea, exercise tolerance and quality of life. The techniques will therefore be of interest to the following:

  • Primary and secondary care physicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurses
  • Rehabilitation professionals
  • Exercise scientists
  • Academic clinical teachers
  • Expert patients


Swim 4 Tri

Swim for Tri, now coaching across the UK, is a swim technique and coaching concept brought to you by the brother and sister team of Dan and Keeley Bullock. The team share over 30 years experience of competitive swimming, coaching, teaching lessons and direct involvement with the sport of Triathlon and Openwater racing. The group has grown significantly in a short period and is reflected as follows:

Selected swim training partner to CLUB LA SANTA and TRIDYNAMIC. On which PowerBreathe training features heavily.

SPEEDO openwater coaching advisors. Qualified with the ASA, BTF and ASCA.

220 magazine, TRIATHLETE EUROPE and H20penwater Magazine columnist.

Garth Fox

I am a sports scientist and coach specialising in endurance sports. My services range from Health and Fitness Coaching catering for clients motivated to achieve healthier lifestyles and improved overall levels of fitness through to High Performance Coaching where I provide race specific planning designed to bring on a peak in an athlete's physiological conditioning and components of fitness appropriate to his/her target races or key racing phases. My services also include presentations and clinics, bespoke training camps, route recceing/modelling of Ironman and cyclosportive events and cycling power analysis.

My approach to coaching is scientifically underpinned, highly bespoke, personal and dependent on vigorous communication between myself and the athlete. Win or lose, we do it together.


Koolstof Coaching

Koolstof Coaching isn’t just about riding the bike, running or swimming. It is a ‘holistic approach’ to obtain ‘Marginal Gains’. Encompassing bike position, style, technique, core strength, flexibility, body strength, psychology and body maintenance through massage and Osteopathy. Riding a bike, running or swimming will make you a ‘Good’ athlete! Riding a bike, running or swimming AND obtaining those ‘Marginal Gains’ will make you a BRILLIANT athlete. Koolstof offer plans to suit all ages, abilities, goals and costs. Just browse our plans to find one that suits you. If you can’t find the plan you are looking for then contact us and we’ll see if we can write one for your needs!


Nick Gillingham


Fletcher Sport Science


Ambrose Fox Limited

From our offices in Bournemouth, Dorset, we design, build and maintain websites, mobile apps, online databases and e-Marketing programmes for clients in the UK and Europe.


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